Winchester Lodges

Lodge of Economy

Wednesdays | 7 Meetings a Year | Est. 1761 | No.76

Lodge of Economy is the oldest lodge in Winchester established in 1971.  It is a Focus Lodge and is dedicated to masonic learning and has a programme of lectures and events for learning and furthering masonic knowledge.

Focus Lodge

Lodge of Economy specialises in putting on a series of lectures and talks on an evening to enhance the masonic knowledge of everyone present.  There is an amazing amount of history connected with the fraternity and this Lodge seeks to share as much of it as possible with it's members. 

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William of Wykeham

Tuesdays | 7 Meetings a Year | Est. 1880 | No.1883

William of Wykeham, whose name the lodge bears, was born in the 1320s and died in 1404.  A former Bishop of Winchester, he was responsible for the remodelling of the nave of Winchester Cathedral he also founded two educational establishments: New College at Oxford and Winchester College here in the city.


A University Scheme Lodge

It was nearly 200 years ago that the first university Lodge, Apollo University Lodge, was founded at Oxford.  A revamped University scheme was set up at the beginning of 2005 with the objective: 'To establish and/or enhance arrangements and opportunities for undergraduates and other university members to enjoy Freemasonry'.  Unusually if you at University you can join this Lodge at the age of 18 (normally 21).


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Caer Gwent

Wednesdays | 8 Meetings a Year | Est. 1929 | No. 5071

A Lodge in Winchester

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Old Symondian Lodge

Saturdays | 7 Meetings a Year | Est. 1938 | No. 5734

The Old Symondian Lodge was founded in 1938 for the staff and former pupils of Peter Symonds School. When the School was replaced by Peter Symonds VI Form College the Lodge was opened to all who wished to apply for membership.

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Wolvesey Lodge

Thursdays | 7 Meetings a Year | Est. 1949 | No.6818

Wolvesey Lodge was founded in 1949 by a group keen to promote Freemasonry in the local community and also to maintain masonic ceremonies as accurately as possible.  We are a friendly and informal lodge, keen to promote social contact both within the lodge and with external events.

Fantastic Ritual

Wolvesey Lodge has a rich tradition of putting on excellent ritual.  The structure of rehearsals really helps support it's members - which are numerous and younger than average.  


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King Aelfred Lodge

Mondays | 7 Meetings a Year | Est. 1956 | No.7487

Originally formed as a lodge for senior managers in Hampshire County Council.  Current members come from all walks of life including military personnel, police officers, medical  practitioners, solicitors, councillors and other professionals.

The Lodge has an active social calendar that frequently brings its members, their families and friends together for a variety of formal and informal social events, always held in a convivial atmosphere.

A Forward-thinking Lodge

King Aelfred has grown exponentially in the last decade due to the way the membership embraces has moved with times, adopting best-practices and keeping relevant to the membership.  Much of the members administration can be completed through it's modern website. 

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Faith and Confidence Lodge

Saturdays | 5 Meetings a Year | Est. 1968 | No.8222

The lodge was originally founded for the convenience of members of the Royal Army Pay Corps based at Worthy Down in Winchester.

It is now however open to men of all backgrounds.  The lodge does retain a certain military ethos and has a remembrance ceremony at every November meeting.

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St Matthew of Wyke

Saturdays | 6 Meetings a Year | Est. 1974 | No.8563

A Lodge in Winchester

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Evingar Lodge

Wednesdays | 5 Meetings a Year | Est. 1993 | No.9512

Evingar Lodge was formed in the 90's by a number of very senior Hampshire Freemason's.  The Lodge only meets five times a year which is good for those that with busy lives.  

The Lodge is a really good one for those that wish to get involved as soon as possible and there is plenty of scope for progressing and learning.

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Lodge of Brevity

Mondays | 7 Meetings a Year | Est. 2015 | No.9903

The Lodge of Brevity is a brand new lodge in the Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight to appeal to those who have constraints on their time, but support the well-established and universal principles of brotherly love, relief and truth – the basic precepts of Masonry.


For the Modern Man

The Lodge of Brevity aims to appeal to those members of the public, and existing Freemasons, who lead busy lives and whose business, family and personal commitments leave a limited amount of time to devote to other social activities.   With this in mind we have streamlined the way Meetings are conducted so as to make the best use of the time available without losing any of the ethos of Freemasonry.  The Lodge carries out half of it's evenings at the Chandler's Ford Centre.

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If you are interested in finding out a little more about any of these Lodges please complete the form here.  Our Membership Liaison team will provide you with information and answer any questions you have.  Should you feel that it is right for you to join they will guide you through the process of joining and talk through any other options that would be suitable to consider.


Freemasonry is a fantastic hobby and we have no doubt that you will be welcomed in wholeheartedly by like-minded individuals out to have fun.

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